Thanksgiving Day Dinners for Pets!

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate with family, and our families surely include our pets.  Make sure you're not giving your pets human foods that could be dangerous to their health and instead order their very own "Barksgiving Dinner" from Lizzi & Rocco's! 


We offer a handmade turkey pie made from Peggy Jean's Pie dough, sweet potato chips, freeze-dried green beans, and a pumpkin pie tartlet.  Don't worry - we haven't left the cats out!  They have their own special meal planned as well!  "Catsgiving Dinners" include a 5.5 oz can of Dave's Gobblicious Gourmet, a savory turkey and pumpkin trifle, and a creamy chicken puree for dessert!

If you're ready to reserve your pet's Thanksgiving Day Feast, visit one of our stores, or reserve online here

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