Full Service Grooming - Available at Our North & South Locations

Our North & South Locations have full service grooming salons on site. Denise & Jeff, our amazing groomers specialize in providing a low stress grooming experience for both dogs and cats. All appointments are one-on-one, with no other animals in the grooming room. All appointments allow for drop-off at scheduled time and pick-up when completed. Pets are surrounded by aroma therapy and soothing music during their spa day. 

All dog grooming appointments include: wash with all natural shampoo & conditioner, a blueberry facial scrub, natural teeth and ear cleaning, hand blown dry, full brush out, and hair cut of your choosing. We do like to note that not all dogs are designed to be shaved, those with thick undercoats can regulate temperature and protect their skin much better with a de-shed treatment over a shave-down. Cat grooming can include a full shave or cut of your choosing in conjunction with a soothing specialized feline bath or just the cut. If you would like to discuss styles, pricing options, or coat health give us a call at 573.445.8249 for North or 573.875.2288 for South.

Self Service Wash - All 3 Locations

All three of our locations have Self-Service washing stations. Stop in with your dirty pooch and we supply all the tools for $15. All natural shampoos, conditioners, spritzes, fluffy towels, forced air dryer, brushes and no need to clean up. We also have a Scrub Club, the 9th wash is on us!



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Self Service Dog Washes

Take the stress out of washing your pooch! Stop in any of our 3 locations for a self service wash.